Acme – W.E Ware & Co. Pty Ltd

After extensive research and with the assistance of South Australian collector Ashleigh Smith we have come to the conclusion that Wally Ware made the ACME Game and Nottingham style reels. The brand that was stamped on the reels was ACME in a circular shape whereas Dyne ACME’s were encompassed in an oval shape. I have in my possession a small 3’’ strap back timber reel which is stamped ACME on the back brass plate. The spool and handles on this reel is almost identical to the 3½’’ reel which was made by Wally for Leo Johnson East End Markets, Adelaide. The first game fish (tiger shark) officially recorded caught on rod and line in South Australian waters was by Mr C B Norton . This was on Sunday 6th November 1937 using an Acme Game reel. This was at least 10 years after William Dyne stopped making reels. He also made a Sidecast reel with a brass back and timber spool and a V-slot pivot with W Ware SA stamped on the back plate.