Alvey Historical Documents



Wayne Kampe Article


Versatility gets Variety


Tidal Talk by Mangrove Mac


The Story of Alvey


The story behind Alvey


The development of the Alvey Reel


The Development of Dry Casting in Australia


The Development of Dry Casting in Australia 2


The Battle for Bribie


The Alvey Reel its History


Tailor Fishing


Ryan Media Alvey News


Rods that have proved most successful


Press release tackle show 1990


My cast is for the side cast


Magazine Article


Lightweight Side Cast Reel


Lets keep casting sane


Getting the most from your Alvey


Gear test by Warren Steptoe


Fishing Reel Information South Africa


Fish & Boat & Tackle Competition


Fish & Boat & Tackle Competition 2


Editorial Flyreel


Double Island for Fish & Photos


Demonstration Procedure


Copy for New Series Alvey Reels


Copy for East Coast Boating


Alvey Zebco New Product Update


Alvey Press Releas August 1988


Allan Gynther Letter


Air Travel Article November 1955


Adelaide Boat Show Press Release 1990


A close look at the sidecast


45 C1 Advertisement