Revolving Drum and Multiplying Reels

Morris Engineering Fishing Reel- (Photo 454) Made by Morris Manufacturing, Brisbane. ‘Manufacturing Morris Machinery’ is stamped on the back.

Cast-way Fishing Reels- (Photo 711) Made by W Kopsen and Co., Sydney. This is a narrow spool, star drag reel for either trolling or beach fishing, equipped with anti-backlash attachment. The outside diameter of the reel is 4in. Side plates and spool are of heavy section fully curved black Bakelite. The framework and all outside metal parts are of brass, heavily coated with nickel. Gear ratio is 2½:1 and both gears are machined out of first-grade Manganese Bronze. Gears are always in mesh and the spool is driven by means of a dog drive form a small sliding gear to a steel don on spool spindle. The free spool lever pulls out at right angles to side plate and lays horizontal. The spool is automatically re-engaged by turning handle and striking lever. Clutch or drag is housed inside large gear and consists of three fibre plates and two metal plates; this clutch is very strong and smooth and is operated by means of a star wheel on the outside of the handle. The handle is large to give plenty of leverage and balanced for smoother action. The main Spindle is adjustable for wear by means of two knurled nuts, one on the outside and one on the inside of the handle. The spool is 3¼’’ in diameter and 1¾’’ wide and has a line capacity of 300 yards of 9 cord cuttyhunk. The reel may be dismantled by the removal of three thumb screws on the right hand side.

Hollow Spool Fishing Reels- (Photo 741) The last of our Newcastle reel makers is Harold McLardy who designed the Hollow Spool surf casting reel and whose firm Cutcher and McLardy of Warners Bay manufactured the reel from the late 1940’s until the early 1950’s. A fitter and turner by trade, McLardy had worked with his draughtsman partner Lowell Cutcher at the Newcastle bearing manufacture P.J. Taylor before establishing their partnership. Harold McLardy was a keen fisherman and tournament caster and was an associate and friend to many of the well-known anglers of the day including Joe Carnemolla, ‘Sailor Hopkins, Bill Southam and Ken Bennet. Harold was President of his local fishing club for a period in the 1950’s and also used to conduct a weekly fishing programme on Newcastle radio statio 2HD. The secret of the Hollow Spool reel was its guaranteed against spool distortion caused by the use of nylon line which arrived in Australia just after the end of World War II. This was achieved by a combination of a hollow and relatively shallow spool combined with a specially strengthened connection between the spool and each flange.’ – Bob Dunn, Australian Fishing Reels Supplement #3


Trukast- (Photo 849) Trukast Reels were made by L.G Walters Instrument Makers, Melbourne in the early 1950’s. In an a 1953 ad, it describes the reel as:

For surf and small game fish you can’t do better than the Trukast. Strongly constructed plastic end platers and heavy plastic spool built to withstand side strain. Free spool, double bar reel seat of ample strength. Optional check. Knurled cap and spring washer for end adjustment on spindle to prevent over-run or backlash. All parts heavily chrome-plated. Gear ratio 2 to 1. Line capacity 200 yards 20-lb nylon line.

Quickspool- (Photo 854) Made by QUICKSPOOL Reel Co., Newcastle NSW. All aluminium construction, painted, gear ration 3½:1, diameter 2½ ’’spool width 2’’, S-shaped crank handle with twin plastic knobs and optional check. Quickspool reel Co. Newcastle, aluminium, Made by GNP stamped on driving end plate, aluminium stamped on crank handle and front cross bars and aluminium 000 5 stamped on reel seat- c. 1955.- Bob Dunn Australian Fishing Reels Supplement #7

Quickspools were made by Geoffrey Pomfret [Quickspool Reel Co.] Newcastle NSW. These reels were made in limited numbers in the early 1960’s. He also produced two dozen batecasters under the name Ocean King during the late 1960’s to early 1970’s.

Florid 88 Overhead Reels – (Photo 873) Were precision engineered by the Admiral Reels division of Sportex Co. (N.Z.) LTD. Auckland, New Zealand.

Norm Saunders – (Photo 965) These were made by Norm Saunders, NSW. c. 1950. These reels are similar to Walpar and Ocean City Farkast.

Atlas Mermaid – (Photo 964) This reel was made in New Zealand. Unsure of maker of the reel.