Donald Charlton successfully applied for a patent for a revolving drum multiplying reel in 1951 and received approval in 1953. The first ads for these reels appeared around 1954. He continued to make reels until the early 1970’s being the last surviving make of multiplying reels in Australia. The reels come in three sizes, standard, major and minor. The standard and major were available in 6 colours. Only a small number of the minors were produced. The first two prototypes were made in January 1968. One was made for his wife and one for Lee Kerton who was his wife’s best friend and neighbour. In 1985 Maurice Hager (toolmaker) and Don Spencer (Jeweller) purchased the rights to the Seascape business and remaining parts and started re-manufacturing Seascape reels, this venture only lasted a couple of years. Maurice made a few modifications to the reel, one of them being a wider drive-gear.

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