Eildon (H.R. Bain)

Bud Bain, owner of ‘H.R Bain & Co. manufacturing engineers’ started making fishing reels around 1945. His early prototypes were sandcast, machined out of solid material or made from primitive die. The first batch of six reels had been made utilising scrap. The first production run was of 1500 reels in 1946 and the second run of 1500 in 1948 He also made Goulburn Bakelite fly reels in Eildon braded nylon line and Eildon brand collapsible landing net. He sold his business to Bob Conaghan, manager of ‘Halcyon Products’ in early 1950’s for £ 1500. Halcyon products took over the residual stock of parts for the Eildon reel and manufactured balancing components to complete a number of the original designs of the Eildon reel as H.R Bain had manufactured it.