Justus & Ark

The maker of Justus range of reels is unknown, although some of the side-cast reels have Pat. Ap. 3795-26 stamped on the back, this patent application was made by D.R Phillips in September 1926. There is no record of whether this patent application was successful. They made both side-cast and Nottingham style reels. The side-cast reels came in various sizes and were available with v-slot and patented trigger release turn-table.

A description of the reels appeared in a newspaper article May 1927: SOMETHING SPECIAL- The “Justus” Casting Reel. The strongest and best casting reel in the world. The barrel Is made of well tested and seasoned wood, the inner flange of which is backed with heavy brass, preventing warping. The back is polished cast aluminium and unbreakable. The adjustment is of the spring and nut principle, with a set screw to prevent nut from falling off. Brass line guard, self-looking, adjustable at four angles- 3 ½’’, 32/6; 4 ½’’, 40/-.

The Nottingham reels were branded “Justus” or “Ark” and came in only 2 sizes. The Ark had ‘Just’ written in mirror image on the inside of the back-plate. They were produced in 4’’ and 3.5’’. Len Butterworth described a reel which matches the backless Justice Sidecast Reels. “When I was 15 (1930) and working at Jim Hamilton’s as a tent maker, Hamilton secured the agency for M.B. Rag. Rag’s sent up a reel, I don’t know who made it; it could’ve come from England as Rags were the agents for Allocks for the UK. The reel has had the best ratchet I have ever seen, Jack Hamilton gave me one to try as he knew I was a junior member of A.F.A. THE RATCHET down the centre of main spindle a hole was board. Inserted in this hole was another small spindle which had a screw type nob attached. When the nob was turned it pushed up a small bearing to a cog. To tighten the ratchet it just meant turning the screw a bit more if you wanted a light ratchet then only a small turn is required. Very effective. The reel had a jump up action not a Ferguson patent. It had one fault, it was a very heavy reel.”

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