Alvey Game Reels

Alvey produced several different game fishing reels as they saw a need to provide game reels for men with moderate means. Following is a quote out of the Alvey 1937 catalogue:

“Game Fishing in Australia is very young, but every day the ranks of the game fisherman are swelling and the interest in this class of fishing is very keen. A few years ago Game Fishing was considered a sport which could only be indulged in by the wealthy few, but time has proved that it can be followed and enjoyed by men of moderate means. This has been made possible by the forming of deep-sea fishing clubs. Several clubs have been formed lately and are operating on our coasts with remarkable success. These clubs are catering for all classes of Game Fishing, heavy, medium and light. There is an abundance of all classes of Game Fish in our coastal waters, and we look forwards to some record catches in the coming season. If you would like any information about Deep-sea Game Fishing or Game Fishing Clubs, we shall be pleased to have your enquiries, which will receive our immediate attention.”

The quality and construction of these reels were equal to any other game reels on the market at that time.