Game Fishing Reels

Warratah Reels- (Photo 220) Made by Wilson’s Warratah Metal Company ltd. Norman Park, East Brisbane. This Reel is constructed of aluminium alloy, brass and bronze. The spool is train driven. It is 7’’ wide with a spool length of 3¾’’ with a gear ratio of 2:1.

R.G Game Reels- (Photo 221) This was made by R.G Products. This reel is 7¾’’ in diameter with a spool width of 2’’. It has a free spool release which is operated by the handle and an adjustable lever brake. It’s made of aluminium and brass. An ad for RG reels appeared in the Cowles and Dunn catalogue.

Emperor Game Fishing Reels- (Photo 257) Possibly made by N. Kross and C.E Livingstone. Emperor big game reel was constructed for big game fishing off the eastern coast of Australia, and its outstanding features are simplicity of design and strength of construction. The Emperor big game reel has been built on the single action principle, and possess and adjustable brake, and this brake enables any desired strain to be placed on a fish when it is making a run. The drum is made of a light metal, but is unaffected by sea waters, and has a solid metal back, which makes the reel a very sturdy one. The ratchet fitted to the big game reel enables the drum to run freely and prevents handles from turning backwards when a monster of the deep makes a sudden run. The construction of the emperor big game fishing reel practically eliminates friction, and it can be oiled quite easily without dismantling. If it is desired to dismantle the big game reel, the only article necessary to enable one to do so is a small screw driver. The standard sized drum of the big game reel is 6’’ in dimeter, and this drum has a line carrying capacity of over 400 yards corf 36 Cuttyhunk line. If desired, the Emperor big game reel may be obtained with a wooden drum fitted in lieu of the standard metal drum.

Florida Fishing Reels- (Photo 727) These reels were most likely made by Admiral Reels in New Zealand who also made Florida 88 overhead reels. These reels appear to be a copy of the Neptuna by L.T Willis.

Sea-King Game Fishing Reels- (Photo 243) Maker unknown. Alloy and brass construction single-action shark reel. The Circa 1948 6½’’ diameter and 4¾’’ spool width. Advertised in the December outdoor and fishing magazine in December 1948 for the price £18.10. Article from Outdoors and Fishing Magazine January 1949 states “N.S.W Shark Anglers Club. Enthusiasm was maintained in the December monthly meeting of the Shark Anglers Club when an attendance of 50 saw a demonstration of assembling and handling big shark fishing equipment by the President Mr Dan Daly. Considerable interest was shown in his argument of the underneath reel – the Sea King. Manufactured to his specifications.”

Asphodel Fishing Reels- (Photo 947) These reels were made by John L Humphries who was a marine engineer in Main Beach, Queensland. He made 6 of these reels for his boat the Asphodel. Diameter is 9½’’ and spool width is 13/8’’.

Bourke Fishing Reels- (Photo 994) John W. Bourke of Latrobe Valley, made and designed these reels.

Gottschalk- (Photo 991) Karl Gottschalk was a keen fisherman who also built his own speedboats. He made the reel but never used it as he didn’t like going out to sea.

Brisbane Game Fishing Reel- (Photo 974) Maker unknown. This ad appeared in The Courier Mail 8 June 1934: “For Big Game- 6in reel, brass with alloy drum, adjustable drag action handle, stationary automatic oiling. Holds 600 yards No. 27 cord line £7/10/”

S.F.T.S Game Fishing Reel- (Photo 761) This reel was advertised in the Sydney Fishing Tackle Supplies catalogue 1938 as the cheapest game reel made. Also extensively used for groper and all purposes requiring hard work and quick action. Made in highest quality aluminium alloy, anodised to prevent tarnishing, and fitted two take apart ball races. Diameter 6in, capacity 500 yds. A good, strong, serviceable reel. Price…… £2/15/-.

Iles Fishing Reels- (Photo 906) Cradle-style revolving drum multiplier, made by Oswald Iles, Dudley NSW. Stainless steel construction, counterbalanced handle with turned wooden knob, star drag, lever-operated calliper brake, Perspex cover plates on gear box and brake housing, cam-operated free spool, diameter 4½’’, spool width 2’’.

Terrigal Game Fishing Reel- (Photo 1045) Metal direct action centre pin game reel, maker unknown. Alloy construction with chrome-plated brass reel seat and components, lever-operated brake, optional check, cam-operated anti-backlash, diameter 6’’ spool width 2’’. Terrigal special 139 is engraved on spool cover plate- date unknown.

Chiogey Fishing Reels- (Photo 905) This article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald in March 1913:

‘To restrain the first tremendous rush of tunny and other game fish, several local anglers have been exercising their inventive faculties in making brakes apply to their reels, the ordinary trade ones not being sufficiently powerful for their liking. Amongst them is Mr. H. O. Chiogey, of the N.S.W Angler’s Casting Club, who has invented one to press on the outside of the reel on a portion built up to afford an outer rim for the brake to grip. By a comparatively easy pressure of the fingers the restraint may be made powerful enough to completely prevent the reel revolving when the fish is on the go, but, of course, such an extreme measure is hardly likely to be taken, as in that case it would simply mean that whichever was the stronger, the fish or the tackle, would win. This would certainly not be a sportsmanlike proceeding.’

Paspall Game Fishing Reel- (Photo 236) Anastasios Paspalas (Paspall), was also known as Tasos and Ernie. Ernie owned Souths Brisbane Sports Depot in the 1930’s and was a founding member of the Queensland Game Fishing Association. He made fishing rods for Ted Smout, Norm Gow, Ben Drummond, Sam Harris, Andy Carrodus and G. Lambert. His wife Madeline was also a keen fisherwoman. She caught a record 850lb tiger shark measuring 13ft 1in in 1937. She was the first female to be admitted to the Queensland Game Fishing Association in 1938. Madeline also was honorary secretary of the Ladies Amateur Fishing Club. Ernie had this reel made to his own design.

Reg Lyne Game Fishing Reels- (Photo 258) Made for Reg Lyne in the 1930’s. The reel is 7’’ in diameter with a spool width of 1¾’’. In 1934, he was a founding member the Swordfish and Tunny Club of Australia. He was also responsible for bringing Zane Grey to Australia.

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