William Dyne Mechanical Engineer made application for a fishing reel patent in 1913. The application was apparently unsuccessful. His father Ernest was a leading hand boiler maker at Ipswich Railway Workshops and also qualified in geometrical drawing. He invented and drew up designs for throat plate blocks for the hydraulic press, an invention which is of considerable value in the construction of B17 class boilers. In 1912 William borrowed $200 from his father Ernest to start his own business making fishing reels. These reels were marketed under the ACME brand. One of the first retailers to advertise ACME reels was Shawn & Sons Ltd Brisbane on the 26th of October 1917. Murdochs in Sydney advertised these reels in 1921 as the simplest casting reel made. ACME reels were one of the first sidecast reels produced in Australia. The patent application possibly for the V-slot pivot mechanism but as there are no copies of the patent available this can only be assumed as another reel with a V-slot mechanism called “The Dinkum”. This was also advertised by George Shaw two months earlier on the 21st of August 1917. The early reels were made in an old chook yard at Newfarm on the Brisbane River. He continued manufacture until the early 1920’s. In 1922, he worked for his brother Sydney James who’s company was S.J Dyne and Co. Pty Ltd, which manufactured fencing, ornamental bond grill and balustrades.

Around 1924/25, he moved to Sydney. He then set up a company in 1926.

“Dyne’s Ltd

Nominal capital, £10,000

£1 shares. Objects: To carry on

the businesses of mechanical engineers and manufacturers of all formed wire

products and tools. First directors:

  1. H. Dyne and Jean Dyne. Registered office: Sydney. Registered Sydney 16/7/26.”

Dyne Ltd supplied steel for reinforcing concrete for the Sydney Harbour Bridge during construction.


Tenders Accepted.

Contract 29/16.— Supply and delivery of Steel

Reinforcements. – Dynes Ltd”

He was successful with 5 engineering related patent applications from 1923-1935.

An article that appeared in the daily standard on the seventh of April 1922 states “A correspondent writes: A statement appeared in last week’s issue referring to a casting reel. The writer of the V and slot principle: this is misleading. The V and slot method may be unserviceable in some makes, but it certainly is not an Acme in use for eight years, and today it is as good as when new: can produce testimonials from hundreds of pleased Acme users. I have inspected most makes of casting reels that have been made for sale, and have as yet to find a reel that is more serviceable, economical, or better then Acme.

Some notable new buildings in Brisbane are adorned by S.J Dyne and Co. pro-cast bronze ventilator iron balustrades, Cast bronze ventilator panels, entrance gates, grille work and so forth. In Shell House and in the fine new State Government buildings adjoining Anzac Square. “Excellent work” is the verdict of the architects. – The Telegraph 17 August 1937, page 19