Lixall was made by Billy Lees and was available for purchase at local tackle shops or at George Shaw’s, Mick Simmons and all leading retail shops on Monday the 29th of November 1926. Mick Simmons advertised these reels in early 1927 as the ‘Lee’s famous Lixall reel’. The available sizes ranged from 3.1/2’’ to 4’’, although one all-metal Lee’s Lixall reel has turned up which is 5.1/2’’ in diameter. They came with either metal or silky oak spools.

This article appeared in The Telegraph Friday 26th November 1926: “A new and improved casting and spinning reel of local manufacture has just been registered in Brisbane under the novel name of “Lixall.” In appearance, it is about the happy mean in feather weight. Simple of construction and durable with all. The woodwork is of silky oak and maple, attached to a solid brass lacquered on rustles gun metal with metal backs and attachable phosphorus bronze ratchet; it is free of ball-bearings, surplus screws and other weight carrying adjustments. The handle affords a greatly increased leverage while offering no projections over or around which the line can entangle itself. The spool or drum as it is commonly known will carry up to 400 yards of number 1 gut line and an advantage is found with the line guide in that is continuous in movement and easily operated by left or right hand anglers. Lixall is made in two sizes, moderately priced; in fact the cheapest on the market and will be on sale on Monday next at George Shaw’s and Mick Simmons and all the local tackle retail shops. The maker has limited the first launch to 1000. Once these are freed there will be a ready clearance, for there is a charm and attraction about the local production that will induce a purchase.”