Tarpon reels were made for Sydney Fishing Tackle Supplies. They came in a single-action and multiplying reels of various sizes. Super Tarpon is specially designed for all heavy game fishing. Constructed from best aluminium alloy, all working parts of high-grade maintenance. Drag does not come in direct contact with the drum, consequently heating impossible. Free spool, the only genuine free spool game reel; the handles do not turn when casting. This facilitates longer casting, and the drag is not altered. There is only one handle of good size and shape, making the reek easy to operate. Although slightly heavier, this is more than compensated by the longer life and easy operation and superior service. This reel is guaranteed and will be repaired free of charge if required. Leave your reel after each season and have it checked up and greased for 2/6, and always have your reel ready for use. The Major Tarpon is the latest and most up to date game reel. Strongly made from phosphor bronze and stainless steel. Finish chrome. The only game reel with a genuine free spool device easily applied. Thus saving alteration to the clutch. Fitted with a seven plate multiple clutches which can be adjusted with the little finger. The gears are of helical cut for increased strength and silence. The reel is fitted for harness and also to your rod. This eliminates wobble. It may be used for fishing over or under the rod. We recommend this reel to be used over the rod. Tarpon big game reels. The finest quality aluminium alloy reels. These reels fill all the requirements of big game fishing at a price to meet everyone. They are strong and durable. With a good line capacity, combined with light weight and easy running. The handles have a backstop which prevents injury to the hands and facilitates easy adjustment to the drag.