JW Day

These reels were made by James Watson Day from the early 1920’s. In 1923, S Hoffnung & Co. Ltd. made a patent application #17963 for a reversible casting reel. J.W Day was named as the actual inventor. In October 1926, another patent application #5890 was made by James Day and James Sprott for a metal casting reel. No patent drawings have surfaced for these reels. They were made at a workshop at his home at Sapsford Street, Northgate. He had a furnace set up in his back shed to mould the gun metal and brass back plates and fittings. These reels were made for various tackle shops around Brisbane including Robinsons. The timber spools were made on a lathe that he had in his workshop. The Bakelite spools were possibly made by Wally Scott. He was assisted by his son in the making of these reels. The reels were marketed under various brands including Vim, Porpoise, Topnotch, Surf and Lan Mor. He also made some backs and parts for Charles Alvey.

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