Sidecast Fishing Reels

Ratcliff- (Photo 559)

Crown- (Photo 597) Made by Master Products. It has an H stamped on the back possibly made for hofnungs or huxams.

Rex Fishing Reels & Rois Fishing Reels- (Photo 1061) Could’ve been made by AJ French, a rod maker in Brisbane, who according to Nick Kross jnr. made a few reels.

Sear and Mason Fishing Reels- (Photo 1132) There was a patent application (25216/45) made by Phillip Sear, fitter and turner, and Henry Mason, pipe moulder, in November 1945.

HW Beil- (Photo 949) There is not much known about the maker of this reel, only that it has H.W. Beil stamped on the back of the reel.

Cox Fishing Reels- (Photo 953) These reels were made by the hardboards factory in Ipswich by Mr Cox.

Anser- (Photo 678) They appear to be an Alvey copy, some of the parts look like Alvey parts.

Outboard Fishing Reel- (Photo 767) Patent application (25457) for the side plate and ratchet assembly for a fishing reel was made by William Edward Bamford, Holland Park, Brisbane on the 9th of October 1947.

CRG- (Photo 455). The only information found on this reel was an ad for the Griggs Casting Reel in 1922.

Milanko- (Photo 1070) Made in Brisbane, possibly by Milanko and Co. who made boat propellers.

Shambrook– (Photo 867) This Side cast reel was designed to fit on the gunwale of a boat. It was patented in 1936 by William Shambrook.

Rollock- (Photo 881) This reel was patented by William Smith in 1954. It could be inserted in the hole of the Rollick block. It came in two models, standard and heavy. The Bakelite spools appeared to have been made by the same maker who made spools for Len Thompson.

Kopsen Fishing Reels- (Photo 950) These reels were probably made by W Kopsen and Co. Pty. Ltd. , Shifts Shandilers fishing tackle and marine engineers, Kent Street, Sydney. The drag mechanism on these reels is identical to the cast-way.

Sutcliffe Side-cast fishing reel– (Photo 1066) A patent for Sutcliffe fishing reels was applied for by W.C Sutcliffe, Sydney in October 1926.

RG Casting Reel- (Photo 1145) These reels were made by R.G Products.

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