Marlin & Ted Bush

Ted (E.G) Bush of East-Lakes in Sydney, was a trained tool maker and fanatical fisherman who shared his love of fishing and outdoors with his wife Theresa. It is thought that Ted Bush made his first reel in the late 1920’s which was called the ‘Little Giant’ and Ormiston game reel. Around this time, he fished for sharks off Maroubra beach with his fishing mates Stan Windsor and Eric Roberts. In the 1930’s when Game Fishing became popular in Australia, Ted regularly visited Montague Island and other hotspots for game fishing on the New South Wales coast. He produced the Marlin and super Marlin game fishing reels, which were promoted by Reg Lyne at Hartley’s Melbourne and Jim Simpson at Mick Simmons in Sydney where they first appeared in a 1935 catalogue. After WWII, Ted concentrated fishing for Black-fish and started producing wooden and brass Nottingham reels with the Marlin brand. He made a patent application (23216) in 1929. This patent number is stamped on a ventilated spool on a 7’’ alloy game reel.

The Marlin is specially constructed to meet the demands of discerning, practical, Big Game Anglers, and is the result of careful study under actual fishing conditions it embodies new improved features that include greater line capacity and lends additional assistance to the Angler while playing the fish. It is manufactured of a high-grade aluminium alloy. The line spool runs on special ball alloy. The line spool runs on special ball bearings which eliminates seizing. Handle bearings which remain stationary when playing a fish. There is no risk of injury to the hand. The frictional drive is through the medium of a disc clutch. The clutch plates will not seize or burn. A new feature is an independent drag that can be adjusted to a set pressure as the Angler desires. This is set prior to commencement of fishing, but can be realised fir free spool, or reapplied immediately by an attachment fitted to the reel by this additional drag that is fitted to the handle is held in readiness for extra pressure when necessary. Size 7’’. Line capacity, 800yds.

Super Marlin is constructed of the strongest non-ferrous metal known, and guaranteed to be absolutely immune to the action of sea water. The multiple gears are of the involute type, running silently, and has a ratio of 2 to 1. Size 7’’. The line spool spindle runs in high grade ball bearings, eliminating any possibility of the bearings seizing. The frictional drive is through the medium of a disc clutch which gives a sweet and delicate action. The clutch plates are made from entirely new material which will not burn or seize. All bearings are lubricated from the outside. A grease gun is supplied. Line capacity, 900yds.

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