LT Willis Game Reels

Barrier, Landem, Tasman, Neptuna, and Swordfish Game Fishing Reels.

Leo Willis made a number of multiplying game reels in the early 1930’s. The Landem were made of Aluminum Alloy. Simple in operation, pressure can be instantly varied by turning the stare on front. The handle automatically stops when the fish is hooked. All wearing parts are of high grade hardened steel; free spool. The Barrier for Cows and Dunn, the Landem for Anthony Hordins, the Swordfish and Undover for Sil Rohu. After the Second World War, he produced Neptuna and Tasman branded game fishing reels. The first model Neptunas were all metal, the later models came with Bakelite end plates.

The Tasman was an all metal reel. The Tasman made from naval bronze and brass. Chromium plated. Gears have veay helical teeth, which will not strip. The spool is proportioned in a manner which eliminates the possibility if the ends spreading under the heavy pressure from tightly-wound line. This member revolves on ball races which can be removed for cleaning. Excessive braking pressures may be obtained through the multiple disc clutch, which gives a smooth action at all pressures and does not grab.

The Neptuna big game reel. The spool is of brass with chrome, and rotates on phosphor moulded plastic, with chrome plated brass rims; lugs are of moulded plastic with chrome plated brass rims; lugs are provided for attaching harness and reel brace. Gradually increasing braking pressures may be obtained through, multiple disc clutch, which has a smooth action. Gears, having heavy helical teeth and being constantly in mesh, ensure against stripping. Reel is not complicated and may be taken apart with screwdriver for cleaning etc.

These two reels were the first with Willis’ name stamped on them.

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